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    Soul Calibur II

    gamecube / Soul Calibur II Cheat Codes

    Please help contribute to our Soul Calibur II cheat codes page by submitting your own cheats, hints, strategies, glitches, faqs, walkthroughs and other content related to this game.

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    If you beat the game with Nightmare you will get to play with Spawnd

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    an easy way to get cash is to do arcade a lot or weapon master, do one of the dongens it may seem boring but, its the best way to get art gallerys, weapons and cool costums

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    Guest GTI

    how to get lots of gold

    Just beat a certain level on and on add u will get gold if u do it all over over again and i mean on weapon master same mission keep on doing it all over and over

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    to get more money, go to that battle play thingy and keep on playing as your best charater. then if u beat all the people, then youll get like $15000

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    Nathan Paul Davis

    Get all weapons; beat last level 3 times with every character not the extra level though

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    Seung Mina

    Seung Mina has three moves that hit you in the nuts; a+y southeast a+y foward and a+y southwest

    Also one of the sisters a+b move if you don’t move for a while does the Widow Maker move-in other words she hits you in nuts with knee

    Hate those moves!

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    to get lizardman, first beat the game and reach charcter lvl 72(edgmaster?) and go back to MIZAR and beat alevel a 4th time. you will get a new place called alioth. beat every stage there and you will get lizardman.


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    soul calibur is a great game if they didnt have link in it i rate soul calibur 10

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    dog bite

    I am having a hard time tring to beat the game if you have any more info. please send them to me

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