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    I am on the ship and I go into the Captain’s Quarters (the place that has 1 set of stairs on each side) and there is a treasure chest in the corner and I can’t open it.Plus when I use the Compass it points up.Can someone help?

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    so i decided to pick up potc again.
    but i’m stuck at singapore again. :< just when i enter the bath house, and climb over the wall the compass points to treasure, but i can't jump to the next wall because its too far. and also, i don't have the whip. so yah. fail on my part. help? omO'

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    Purplecow, I think I know what you’re talking about. Have you unlocked Black Sand Beach? If not, you’ll have to play through to that level, where you’ll get the grapple. Above the too far away part, is there a rod that lights up in the middle? If it does, you need that to use the grapple and vice versa. Hope this helps!

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    Not a heavy gamer

    I have two slots saved on POTC; one is farther along, but I didn’t pay attention to all the treasure and floating map pieces/tears of Calypso. My other slot is where I paid more attention,etc. ANYWAY, the point is, on my slot that’s farther along, I’ve found all the pieces of the Davey Jones’ Locker map (but because of where I am in the game, I can’t go back to the ship and check where I found it), but I can’t find it on my lesser account. I went back to Dave Jones’ Locker at the upside down ship ( the beginning) where I hadn’t opened the treasure where you need the grapple, but it was opened and I’m pretty sure I hadn’t opened it. I was wondering if someone would mind helping me find the other treasure chest/map piece.

    Thank you! (and sorry for the long message)

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    Cahli x

    i have completed the game to 99% and on every single level i have got the crowns to show i have fully completed them. the last thing i have to do is fight barbossa but i cant ! he says im not ready … ive tried everything and i keep replaying every level to try and find something but i cantt !! please help!

    ps if anyone needs any answers on the game im happy to help ive had my game for a while so im quite good ;D

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    To fight barbossa you must get pirate lord on every duel

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